Knotty Little Guardianship Question

  Max likes us to deal with his paperwork.  He has expressed his appreciation for not having to handle it himself.
  When this came in the mail, i thought it was something related to his Medicaid or such.  The envelope was marked like something highly important.
  It is if you're into partisan politics.
  In Indiana, we need to declare a party to vote in primary elections.  Accordingly, Max has done so.  He declared himself Republican in 2013, because one of the candidates had the same name as one of Thomas the Tank Engine's friends. i don't know what he declared himself this past spring. 
  But he did vote, in each election.
  The Republicans consider him a "lapsed member," and want him to sign up again.  The Dems are out to get us, you know.  Oh, and will you please send a several hundred dollar donation?  Even $50 will help.
 Is it junk mail?  He's NOT sending them $50.  He doesn't have money for political campaigns, for one thing.  i think i would be within my rights to toss it.
  But the idea is that he is CAPABLE, and becomeing moreso. 
  i think i need to give him the opportunity to understand this.
  Love to hear everyone's comments on this one!

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