Mishearing the Messaage: A Fine Robe or a Fine Rope?

The message was Luke 15:11-24, the prodigal son leaves & returns to a warm welcome.
We need to know our Father God.  He's not waiting to punish our wayward ways.
Our student minister was kinda nervous about giving the message, but he did just fine.  (Hey, practice is the best of all instructors, yes?)  His points were:
  • God may let you fail at times, but He will always be there to pick you up.
  • God will always catch you; all you have to do is jump.
  • God is seeking an intimate relationship with you.
We'll leave off for now how God's definitions are not always our own.
My ears do not always work right.  We'll say that's how i came up with the interpretation shown above. 
But it's something i see a lot.
Yeah, so you messed up.  We're here to see that you don't do that again.
Soounds kinda like someone from later in Luke chapter 15.

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