Wordless Wednesday: a trip

This could be anywhere around here.  i love the vivid way the frozen ice meets the liquid water.  Actually this is the little lake behind
The Creation Museum.  A stone's throw from Indiana, said to be part  of Cincinnati because it's right off the beltway, but located in Kentucky.
The museum is very impressive.  As i've said before, i wasn't there, at creation or the great flood or any of the past significant events,  but, nonscientist that i am, the museum is thoughtfully laid out.  God created.  How did He do it?  How long did He take?  This passage has the same human author as Genesis 1 & 2.  The words seem to be used in the same way.  Science is always changing its mind about how the world works  - that is its nature.
One of the prettiest rooms shows a depiction of just after the Flood.  (This is 2 shots pasted together.)  Love the light effects on the floor looking like sunlight on water!
Everyone starts somewhere, with something that can't be thrown away. 
  One exhibit dealing with the rise of skepticism regarding the Bible featured a man named Charles Templeton.  i wanted to know more about him; here's a couple of short articles in case you do too:
Charles Templeton article 1
Charles Templeton Article 2

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